Elena Makarova, MFT Psychotherapy in Palo Alto, South Bay and Mid-Peninsula
Free Self-Help Tools*

Seven Coping Tips

I have found that many of my patients benefit from using these seven tips to cope with difficult emotions. You, too, may find these tips helpful at difficult times.

Measure Stress Level
If you'd like to measure your stress level and its relation to your physical health, use Holmes and Rahe's Social Readjustment Rating Scale. When under stress, we often need reflection that brings a new perspective to a current situation.

Five Human Needs
I think that this simple and insightful definition of human needs will help you recognize your most important needs (and find yourself situated on the path towards self-actualization).

Fully-Functioning Person
In my capacity as a psychotherapist, I have been honored to witness many people's journeys toward a fuller and happier life. On their way, people
discover and build on such qualities as confidence, relatedness, and joy. Here, I offer you my professional and personal opinion on essential qualities of a fully-functioning person.

I would be interested in your
thoughts and feedback or questions regarding the self-help tools and opinions that I have expressed. Please feel free to contact me at Elena_Makarova (at) yahoo.com.

* Disclaimer: Please use these self-help tools with the purpose of education and increasing self-awareness. These tools are not designed to diagnose or treat any health condition.