Elena Makarova, MFT Psychotherapy in Palo Alto, South Bay and Mid-Peninsula
Therapy For Relationship Difficulties

Therapy offers a safe and compassionate environment for you to reflect on the relationship issues that you might want to work on. In individual psychotherapy or couples counseling, we will first try to understand your strengths and weaknesses and personal style in relating to others.

Together, you and I will use that knowledge as a foundation in building a more rich and enlarged palette of ways for you to relate to others. This will include learning and experimenting with
novel ways of living and interacting with your surroundings.

Let's take a look at the characteristics listed below. Although they have myriad causes (psychological, physiological, sociological, genetic, etc.), it is well understood that they all share one common outcome: they interfere with our ability to relate -
  • shyness
  • loneliness
  • irritability
  • perfectionism
  • fear of criticism
  • social anxiety
  • fear of abandonment
  • lacking close friends
  • disregard for one's safety
  • feeling of being exploited
  • frequent interpersonal conflicts
  • difficulty expressing disagreement

Being able to engage in and maintain a successful relationship is not an innate quality or an easy task to accomplish. You might be pleased to find out that there is still a lot we can learn in order to create and sustain a meaningful partnership.

Therapy unfolds in the interpersonal and relational space between the therapist and the patient, fostering a deeper level connection. Thus therapy often results in a more fulfilling interactions with all those around you.