Elena Makarova, MFT Psychotherapy in Palo Alto, South Bay and Mid-Peninsula
In my capacity of a psychotherapist, I have been honored to witness many people's journeys toward a fuller and happier life. On their way, people discover and build on such qualities as confidence, relatedness, and joy. Here I offer you my professional and personal opinion on the essentials:

Fourteen Characteristics of a Fully Functioning Person
  1. Recognizes oneself as a person with intrinsic goodness that deserves respect.
  2. Feels deserving to have friends, praise, and attention.
  3. Takes care and shows concern about important others, and at the same time, allows oneself to be cared about.
  4. Has moments of happiness that provide a stable and continuous quality over long periods of time despite the inevitable moments of feeling of dissatisfaction and unhappiness.
  5. Expresses oneself openly and is direct with other people in a nonviolent way.
  6. Knows one's individual qualities and how they are unique.
  7. Asks for help at the times when needs it the most.
  8. Shares problem with a trustworthy friends so that people will be able to offer her or him a support or help to feel better.
  9. Understands reasons for one's difficult moods and assigns meaning to them.
  10. Focuses on a particular task and makes sure to finish it, despite moments of feeling hopeless, stuck, and a failure.
  11. Accepts one's own vulnerabilities and weaknesses, and recognizes that anger, sadness, and fear belongs to us in the same way that goodness, joy, and strength do.
  12. Opens up to new and unknown situations or people that may involve risk and trusts in oneself and people.
  13. Ensures that she or he has either an enjoyable hobby or a job that provides a sense of fulfillment and competence.
  14. Laughs.

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